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My CyberPath uses a proprietary algorithm to match you to one of 12 cyber work roles in Leadership, Intelligence, Supporting Technology, or Operations.

Cyber Planner
Cyber Strategist
Cyber Analyst
Tech Analyst
Malware Analyst
Offensive Security
Defensive Security
Incident ResponSE

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Leadership Work Roles


Cyber Leaders are people who dream their vision and inspire action to achieve success. Cyber Leaders understand all aspects of the team, the adversaries, and the operational context of the global cyber landscape.


Cyber Planners take goals and make them real, guiding their team to victory. Cyber Planners understand the technical side of the operations and create actionable plans to defeat the adversary.


Cyber Strategists drive team momentum. Cyber Strategists understand the technical side of the operations and the dynamics of the cybersecurity landscape to give teams the ability to win.



Human Focused Cyber Analysts discover the patterns and connect the dots between humans to make sense of the seemingly nonsensical cyber world. You’ll have the uncanny ability to think like the adversaries and analytically predict adversary intentions. You’ll know more about the hackers than they know about themselves.


Technology Focused Cyber Analysts discover the patterns and connect the dots between devices to weed out the bad from good in the cyber world. You’ll understand the code of the Internet and what tools are used to break into a network in order to protect the system. The majority of the world has no clue about the technology they use- you don’t have that problem.


Malware analysts dissect and reverse engineer malicious code and get to the root of the adversary's intent. Malware Analysts have the ability to determine what the adversaries tool was intended to collect or break. There are very few people in the world who understand viruses, worms, and trojans- you’ll be one of the very few.



Technologists have the superior ability to understand the protocols and code of the Internet. You have the ability apply emerging technology to existing networks. You’ll understand the technology and code the world takes for granted each day. If Technologists don’t have a cyber tool to use, they make it!


Infrastructure Architects have huge imaginations and are highly innovative with the ability to design networks and digital platforms. The majority of the world has no clue about the networks and platforms they use each day. Infrastructure Architects build the digital world in which we live.


Software Developers are the creators of the world’s digital experience. They have the imagination and ability to create the Internet ecosystems and bring imagination to life through code. The majority of the world has no clue about the applications they use each day. Software Developers invent the world around us!



Offensive Security professionals bring the cyber tools to life through execution in the physical world against networks. When it absolutely positively has to be broken into by morning- call an Offensive Security Pro! You have the discipline to receive a plan and carry out the mission but also the boldness to be able to go off script to hack the system. Off Sec pros are few but highly capable at breaking defenses to make them stronger!


Defensive Security professionals are intimately familiar with Offensive Security techniques because they have to stop the bad guys from breaking into the network. You’re one part administrator, one part technologist, and two parts protector. Def Sec pros are the vital other side of the pair of operating teams-Offense and Defense Security pros work together to amplify outcomes and protect networks.


The most intelligent organizations have Incident Responders! It’s just a matter of time until all organizations experience a cyber breach. You’ll be relied upon to stay calm in face of fear, function efficiently under extreme pressure, and able to form logical plans as hackers actively try to gain ground. Incident responders understand offensive security, defensive security, computer forensics, and cyber intelligence.

Get a pathway, get a job for life.